Constructive Semantics

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Five years in the making, New Jersey's Endeavor release their semi-debut full length album. 14 new songs that perfect their fast and furious hardcore style of which few can pull off. Socio-Political lyrics as well as sincere personal ones are screamed at 110% from start to finish. There is no time to take a breath. Call it "noisecore" or what have you, but there is no categorization for the pure unadulterated power that permeates each song.

Vinyl LP


1. Kill Traitors
2. Ajar
3. Kiss of the Spiderwoman
4. Drug Song
5. Green Gumballs
6. Koko Puffs
7. Semantics
8. Sabbath
9. Beard and Wifebeater
10. Skippy Loves Malory
11. Little Man
12. Luke Perry Wears Sweatpants
13. Appendix to a Dating Handbook
14. Incentive