TrustKill Records Takeover Vol. 1

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1. Throwdown "Burn"
2. Fight Paris "Complete Heat"
3. Bed Light For Blue Eyes "Ephemeral Addictions"
4. Bullet For My Valentine “Hand Of Blood”
5. Roses Are Red "300 Motion Pictures"
6. Terror "Keep Your Mouth Shut"
7. It Dies Today "Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads"
8. Open Hand "Tough Girl"
9. Hopesfall "Breathe from Coma"
10. Bleeding Through "Sweet Vampirous"
11. Most Precious Blood "Quiet Pattern"
12. Eighteen Visions "I Let Go"
13. Walls of Jericho "There’s No I In Fuck You"
14. Nora "Last One For The Money"
15. It Dies Today "Enjoy The Silence" (BONUS)
16. ArmsBendBack "Don't Stand So Close To Me" (BONUS)
17. Most Precious Blood "Head Like A Hole" (BONUS)

Sku: TKR0VA0100-CD00